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09 August 2006 @ 11:23 am
OH MY GOSH! stupid stupid disneychannel scary people TOOK MY NAME!!!! =O

ok so i play on this disney site called VMK as Mo-Doodle and some kid walked up to be and said 'Are you really Mo-Doodle?' and i replied, 'Yes that is my real life title' (because you cant say name... its stupid) and hes all 'OMG! Your a doodlebop!' and i was like "WHAT?" (i was thinking something else but i cant type it on there) so i went to the disneychannel site and looked and this freaky ole dude is all 'Hi I'm Mo Doodle!' and i was like "OMG!!!1111!!! MOOOOOOMMMM THEY STOLE MY NAME AND GAVE IT TO A FREAKY CLOWN PERSON!!!!11!!!' and she was all calm down and stuff... but they STOLE my NAME!!!

I've been Mo forever because no one can say my real name right so i go by my middle (which is morgan but i shortened it to mo) because if you cant say Mo then you really have problems... and about 9 years ago my mom said i doodled so much( i was always getting in troulbe because my math homework was of doodles and nothing else) that i should call my self Doodles... so I've had this cartoon (now mo doodle) that had been sitting in a drawer for years (i drew the first when i was like 5 and I STILL have my kitteh hat! ^-^) and so i called her "Mo Doodle' and the story of my life... and i wrote a story on Mo for a school thingy i had in 4th grade and ever since people have called me Mo Doodle.

Now this stupid freaky yellow clown (*runs away*) has MY NAME!!! and now people are just randomly poping up on my AIM and YIM going 'Hi I'm Mo Doodle the freaky yellow clown!' -.- which is driving me INSANE!!! I"M NOT A FREAKIN CLOWN!

yea so now i'm regretting this whole 'VMK" name thing because I just made this person at Disneyland(even tho i've had my GarfieldDude for about a year now) and i was like wow no one has this name? and now i know why... stupid kid... i hate clowns too

I WANNA SUE!! XD for name stealing! 0-0 is that possible? prob not cuz 'disney' would win... because techanlly my name isnt really Mo Doodle... its just what ive gone by forever... *sighs* yea.. so i dunno what i'm going to do now... either get a new SN or tell the kids to leave me alone (which i've done in a not nice manner MUHA)... yea

stupid clown...

uh sorry for ranting... i just cant keep it all in anymore... *has hard life*
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31 May 2006 @ 06:21 pm
Yarg!!! Well its off to an 8th grade graduation for the last time! My littlest sis is graduatin tomorrow night and we get to sit in the sun and melt! XD

We decided to give her the grad present early... she got drums XD Of course i've already played on them till i was kicked off (or rather beat with drum sticks till i moved XD)
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28 May 2006 @ 03:10 pm
YAY!!! I finally got myself a LJ! XD for the past couple of years or so i've been meaning to get one but i'm just to lazy so here I am with my n00bish journal!

So i've been thinking of starting my ownsite, with my cartoon creations and was wondering what a good hoster is!

So what do I look like you must be wondering? Well for now you can have my cartoonified self YAY! thats what i looks like! *points down*

awww ok so i dont look exactly like that... maybe something more like this *points down again*

I'm just your average kid who loves being a dork!

So i dont really have cat ears (darn... wouldnt that be awesome? >^..^<) but I *DO* wear a cat hat, in which i'm mostly drawn in!

So you have a comic?
Well DURH! XD why else would I have been insane enough to draw myself into a cartoon? Ever since I got into comic books I've wanted to be a charrie in one (come on you know you do too!) So I thought, 'Why not make myself into a cartoon and put my boring exciting travels of my dumbness into a comic of my own?' well you guess it... I went ahead and did just that! I'm still working on most of them and I *just* got my tablet *huggles tablet and new Mac* so I *should* be putting them all up sooner or later (after I draw them that is)

So anyways thanks for checkin me out! Check back soon for updates on my comics and site!

Mo Doodle
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