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28 May 2006 @ 03:10 pm
RAWR! I'm a n00b!  
YAY!!! I finally got myself a LJ! XD for the past couple of years or so i've been meaning to get one but i'm just to lazy so here I am with my n00bish journal!

So i've been thinking of starting my ownsite, with my cartoon creations and was wondering what a good hoster is!

So what do I look like you must be wondering? Well for now you can have my cartoonified self YAY! thats what i looks like! *points down*

awww ok so i dont look exactly like that... maybe something more like this *points down again*

I'm just your average kid who loves being a dork!

So i dont really have cat ears (darn... wouldnt that be awesome? >^..^<) but I *DO* wear a cat hat, in which i'm mostly drawn in!

So you have a comic?
Well DURH! XD why else would I have been insane enough to draw myself into a cartoon? Ever since I got into comic books I've wanted to be a charrie in one (come on you know you do too!) So I thought, 'Why not make myself into a cartoon and put my boring exciting travels of my dumbness into a comic of my own?' well you guess it... I went ahead and did just that! I'm still working on most of them and I *just* got my tablet *huggles tablet and new Mac* so I *should* be putting them all up sooner or later (after I draw them that is)

So anyways thanks for checkin me out! Check back soon for updates on my comics and site!

Mo Doodle
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