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09 August 2006 @ 11:23 am
WHY ME???  
OH MY GOSH! stupid stupid disneychannel scary people TOOK MY NAME!!!! =O

ok so i play on this disney site called VMK as Mo-Doodle and some kid walked up to be and said 'Are you really Mo-Doodle?' and i replied, 'Yes that is my real life title' (because you cant say name... its stupid) and hes all 'OMG! Your a doodlebop!' and i was like "WHAT?" (i was thinking something else but i cant type it on there) so i went to the disneychannel site and looked and this freaky ole dude is all 'Hi I'm Mo Doodle!' and i was like "OMG!!!1111!!! MOOOOOOMMMM THEY STOLE MY NAME AND GAVE IT TO A FREAKY CLOWN PERSON!!!!11!!!' and she was all calm down and stuff... but they STOLE my NAME!!!

I've been Mo forever because no one can say my real name right so i go by my middle (which is morgan but i shortened it to mo) because if you cant say Mo then you really have problems... and about 9 years ago my mom said i doodled so much( i was always getting in troulbe because my math homework was of doodles and nothing else) that i should call my self Doodles... so I've had this cartoon (now mo doodle) that had been sitting in a drawer for years (i drew the first when i was like 5 and I STILL have my kitteh hat! ^-^) and so i called her "Mo Doodle' and the story of my life... and i wrote a story on Mo for a school thingy i had in 4th grade and ever since people have called me Mo Doodle.

Now this stupid freaky yellow clown (*runs away*) has MY NAME!!! and now people are just randomly poping up on my AIM and YIM going 'Hi I'm Mo Doodle the freaky yellow clown!' -.- which is driving me INSANE!!! I"M NOT A FREAKIN CLOWN!

yea so now i'm regretting this whole 'VMK" name thing because I just made this person at Disneyland(even tho i've had my GarfieldDude for about a year now) and i was like wow no one has this name? and now i know why... stupid kid... i hate clowns too

I WANNA SUE!! XD for name stealing! 0-0 is that possible? prob not cuz 'disney' would win... because techanlly my name isnt really Mo Doodle... its just what ive gone by forever... *sighs* yea.. so i dunno what i'm going to do now... either get a new SN or tell the kids to leave me alone (which i've done in a not nice manner MUHA)... yea

stupid clown...

uh sorry for ranting... i just cant keep it all in anymore... *has hard life*
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